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Ulf Nilseng
Artistic Director
+47 916 03 816


The dance company TOYBOYS was founded in 2002 by choreographers and dancers Terje Tjøme Mossige and Ulf Nilseng. Since 2002 they have created ten performances: «While we are sleeping» (2002), «BOYROOM» (2004), «Ubarberte samtaler» (2006), «NON STOP – LYDLØS» (2007), «The man at the tramstop» (2008), «To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up» (2009), «There's nothing new under the sun» (2010), «Love and moving moments» (2011), «Moment of Limitations» (2012) and «Hanged Puff» (2013).

This free-speaking male duo wishes to address themes concerning of what is different and deviant. They aim to project a floating identity and wish to turn their backs on constructed narrow frameworks and on gender prejudice. Their performances are based on a mixture of humor and gravity, challenging the limits of normal behaviour. As gay artists it is important for them to present art that revolves around the term queer. They wish to broaden our understanding of identity through focusing on the acceptance of several parallel gender categories. These themes are focal points and trademarks of all TOYBOYS' works.

«It is a self-evident truth that all people are born equal, have equal rights to life, choice of gender identity, freedom and the quest for happiness.»

«We do not want to make mediocre dance art with pretty movements and young spirit. We want to create art that confronts and questions our existence.»